Story of college boy

Man without a purpose is like hunter without weapons, to give 100% in your life you should have a purpose in life that’s what a weapon for hunting your dreams

It is a story of my friend, he was an average boy in beginning of college life, friendly with everyone, talkative in nature, he was a good guy overall.

Everything was so good, Then something strange happened I Dont know what! But for nearly two months he didn’t talked to anyone (not even me), always want to be alone, academically also he suffered much, like failed in exams! We all thought that he not okay something is surely bad.

So, when we asked him “Are you okay is anything wrong… If u want you can share it with us”But he just looked down and total silence “no words!”

But in final year of college Perhaps he completely transformed! He was trying to learn from everyone.

only an intelligent person knows there is something to learn from everyone.”

The boy who once failed in exams, was now the topper in the final year of his college.

And finally what I learned “Success comes from experience and experience comes from bad experiences

We have to learn from our bad times, this makes our future better!

Thank you guys, for reading my story. I’m Munvar pasha Diploma graduate I want to be a motivate others so I found this 1 as a good platform. So if u want to suggest me something then drop it in comment box.

Thank you

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