Whatever happens, happens for good

Hii guys, my name is Munvar pasha, I dream to be a motivation speaker this is perhaps a kick start.

Now, this is a story of two popular names Akbar and birbal. Once they planned to go for hunting in the jungle. Before going to jungle, Akbar tries to take out his sword and accidentally he cuts his finger.

Then Akbar shoutingly says”Soldiers, birbal, come here help me, someone call hakim-sab (physician)”. Then birbal comes smiling and says “Dont worry maharaj whatever happens happens for good” then Akbar gets angry and says “Birbal I believed in you as my closed relative, I’m injured and you are saying its good!

Then Akbar orders to soldiers” to arrest birbal, punish him till morning and after sunrise hang him!”

Akbar goes for hunting alone, and In the middle of jungle a group of tribe people catches him and takes him to offer to their god.

Later a man in the tribe saws cut on his finger and says “He is not pure, there is a cut on his finger we cannot offer him to our god

So They let the Akbar to go , then he comes running saying birbal birbal where are you and rescues him and says “ohhh birbal you was right whatever happens, happens for good, I’m a fool I arrested you I’m sorry

Then again Birbal replied “ Maharaj whatever happens happens for good! ” Then akbar in reply says ” Birbal are you mad i arrested you and you were about to be hanged, is it good!”

Birbal laughingly says “Maharaj if I would be there with you, instead of you they would have probably offered me to their god!

Moral of story: Just remember one thing whatever happens happens for good. How difficult life may seen but there is a shining morning hidden behind that dark night.

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