How to improve yourself

Just imagine there are 365 days in a year and if you improve yourself daily atleast one percent, then at the end of year you will be 365% improved!.

If you want to improve yourself then I suggest you these 2 things:

First of all try to learn from whatever you are doing. secondly, If you want to improve yourself, then I suggest you to read books

Yes guys, learning is the thing that keep us on the track of life, try to learn from everything even if its smallest thing or huge.

For example, if you are going for a walk then leave your mobile in home and enjoy the nature and try to learn from it, this was smallest thing you can learn.

Now the biggest thing if you failed in a business or exams perhaps try to learn from it also what mistake have you made and how you can correct it, and make remarkable comeback!

Secondly if you want to improve yourself i suggest you to read books.

Yes, Even the world’s richest person Bill gates when asked a question” if you want to have a superpower, then what it’ll be!

Then Bill gates replied “I want the ability to read books faster!”

The process of improving yourself is a life long process, its not like “two month or annual training course!” or something like that!

When you feel it as hardwork just try to imagine that future improved version of yourself!

If you like to read books then I suggest some of good books down below (PDF format) just download it…

Thank you for reading!

Think and Grow Rich – Rob Lewis

Click here

magic of thinking big.key – Ryan … Click here

Who moved my cheese-Dr spencer

Click here

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