Steps for True learning

Earning is always in the future, but learning is always in the present moment!

You don’t need to think and get tensed about future, learn from your current situations to make your future better.

Here are those steps that you can implement in your life for true learning:

1. Observation

First of all is to observe the things. For example if you want to be excellent cricketer you have to observe the excellent cricketer, if you want to be successful businessmen then you have to observe the successful and unsuccessful businessmen their thinking style, how they handle things, etc…


First step involves observation and Now the second step involves understanding. You have to understand what you have observed. This includes analysing difference between successful and unsuccessful people, what is that thing that a successful person does that an unsuccessful don’t. This can also be achieved by reading the books of successful people.

I suggested some books of successful people in the end, you can download them in PDF.

3. Apply and practice

Now you have observed both successful and unsuccessful people spotted the difference between them, it’s now the time to bring it in practice. You might have have spotted hundreds of difference but even if you bring one or two good things in your daily life practice, your life indeed will change a bit. This is what the true learning is!

Thank you guys for reading!Hope you guys enjoyed it.

Biography of Steve Jobs
Click here

Bill gates – The road ahead
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