Struggle of butterfly! : Journey from worse to better

Hii guys…

Many people in the world are successful today, but wait! have you seen a butterfly. So beautiful right!, but only few recognize it’s struggle of past that is beautiful today! It struggle’s through it’s bad days to become beautiful today!

We too, face many problems in our life, but of us tends to give up on them.

Believe me guys there is a Beauty of sunshine hidden behind that dark night.

Difficulties you are facing today is the strength that you will feel tomorrow!

What you cannot do, What is difference between the world’s most successive people and you. Nothing! Just this stupid thing everyone stored in our brains. Yes! Yes! They have something special, he has something special! Just Stop these excuses!. Nobody has nothing special, you have not came from another planet! …

Amit Kumar das- who did not even had the money to buy a laptop is now the owner of 50 crore Software company

Rukmini Nayak– even after failing in 6th standard scored 2nd rank in UPSC exam!

Vijay shekhar sharma– CEO of PayTM who once could not even afford travel expenses.

They all fell in their life, they all lost a battle in their life. But the key is they believed in themselves.

It’s impossible! , I can’t do it Dont you dare! Dont you dare say that!

Because the success is training you by these failures, so when you stand up and achieve it, so you can handle it.

And remember-

Just when caterpillar thought life is about to end, it turned into a butterfly!

Thank you guys for reading…

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