It is I’m possible!

Hii guys, This is the story of two frogs, they were hanging around a garden and accidentally they both fell into a pit(large a hole in ground, or what we call a digged well).

So, when both the frogs fell into a pit, both of them starts jumping trying to come out of it! but the pit was very deep. They were getting hurted while falling after every jump.

So after a while many frogs gather near the pit, and the elder frogs advice them to sit down its impossible to come out of it, if you keep trying you will die painfully. Its better to sit down and have peaceful death!

After listening this one frog sits down but the another one keeps trying, jumping higher and higher, Bleeding much that it was raining blood on other frog in pit!

Now their elders starts shouting at him you will experience a painful death please sit down with him, Then he started to jump much higher. They were shouting at him sit down sit down! and he was jumping higher and higher hurting himself and finally he came out of the pit!

Everyone was shocked and thinking “why did he not listened to us!”.

So When they went to him and asked they found that “he was deaf!” He didn’t heard what they said! Rather He actually thought that everyone was cheering him!

In our life many such situations come where people say that its impossible you can’t do it!

Nothing is impossible, its our mental barriers that are limiting us!

The word impossible itself says that I’m possible !

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