Never give up!

Hi guys,

This is story of Károli, who was from Hungary. He was the best pistol shooter of that of that country.

He had won all the national championships held in that country. His dream was to be the best pistol shooter of the world!

In 1938 when he was in army, accidentally a hand granite blasted in his right hand! and he lost his hand. His all dreams were just on the edge of end.

Now he had two options, either “just keep on remembering that accident and blame himself” or “Keep on holding his dream!”

Then he did not focussed on what he didn’t have or what he lost, “he focussed on what he had! A left hand!

Operation for his injured right hand took one month and exactly after one month he started training of his left hand.

After a year of training in 1939 national championship were held in Hungary, nobody knew that he was practicing for one year. So when he came in the arena, other players said “Look man, This is the true sportsmen spirit, even after such a brutal accident you came here to see and support us!”

Then Károli smilingly replied “I didn’t came here to see or support you, I have came here to compete with you, get ready!

All the athletes in the arena were competing with there best hands but Károli was competing with his only hand. Competition completed and guess who won. The man with the only hand Károli won it!

But his dream was to be the best pistol shooter of the world. So he started to focus on 1940 Olympics.

But Olympics of 1940 got cancelled, due to world war!

Now he focus on Olympics 1944, but Olympics 1944 also got cancelled, again due to world war.

Now he starts to focus on Olympics of 1948.

In 1938 he was 28 years old, now in 1948 has become 38 years old!

It becomes difficult to compete with young rising players in Olympics!

And the Age factor is very important each and every sport, because after a certain age the performance of athlete starts going down!

In 1948 he went to arena of Olympic, this time his competition was with best of whole world. And they all were competing with their best hands but he was competing with his only hand!

Guess who won! The man with the only hand Károli, won the competition!

But he didn’t stopped here, 1952 Olympics again he competed and guess who won this time. Károli again.

And he changed the history of Olympics, nobody had never won continuous two gold medals in Olympics…

Moral of the story by author:

You need not to focus on what you have lost or what you don’t have!

Focus on you have!

Thank you guys for reading, this is true story of Károli takacs Hungary pistol shooter. Hope you guys enjoyed it.

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