Steps for True learning

Earning is always in the future, but learning is always in the present moment! You don’t need to think and get tensed about future, learn from your current situations to make your future better. Here are those steps that you can implement in your life for true learning: 1. Observation First of all is to […]

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How to improve yourself

Just imagine there are 365 days in a year and if you improve yourself daily atleast one percent, then at the end of year you will be 365% improved!. If you want to improve yourself then I suggest you these 2 things: First of all try to learn from whatever you are doing. secondly, If […]

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Power Of Subconscious mind

Hii guys, first let’s know something about subconscious mind. Think about a whole ship where your conscious mind is crew of the ship and Subconscious mind is captain of the ship. Your Subconscious mind is guide for level of action of your work that should be done. The higher the order of guide, the higher […]

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Story of college boy

Man without a purpose is like hunter without weapons, to give 100% in your life you should have a purpose in life that’s what a weapon for hunting your dreams It is a story of my friend, he was an average boy in beginning of college life, friendly with everyone, talkative in nature, he was […]

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